CC Outtakes: The Buforolla, Or Making Do With What You Have

I’m back! The FIRST Robotics Competition season has reached its end for our team. At our second event we qualified for the World Championships extending our season another month, not once, but twice. We not only won the regional event but also the Regional Chairman’s Award, the highest award a team can at the regional level. In addition yours truely was blessed by my students with a nomination for the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, the highest award at the regional level for a Mentor. This year the Championships were in St Louis where I found this fine machine.


Last year we won our way to the event as well so this believe it or not is the second time I have came across this fine piece of workmanship parked in downtown St Louis. This time I knew I had to capture it for you our readers.

Yes that is a Buick grille protecting part of that oversize radiator.

Notice how the radiator is partially exposed. For greater cooling, perhaps?

And Power by Ford valve covers complete with gaskets to go along with the Ford style truck mirrors pictured above.


Not sure what the RGC badge and the PMW “graphics” are supposed to stand for; any guesses? The outlines on the trunk I think are where a wooden spoiler used to be attached, can’t remember if it was there last year or not.