CC Outtake: If You’re Interested In Selling Your Pickup…

CC 221 097 950

It’s not the first time I’ve seen notes like this on cars I stop to shoot. Can you guess what they’re interested in?

CC 221 098 950

Or more like why they’re interested in an old Datsun that recently had its face punched in? Parts car? Or they’ve got parts and want to buy it on the cheap?

CC 221 096 950

There’s still a fair number of old Datsun pickups running around here. This is a Datsun 620, the first generation with an extended cab. For that matter, the first mini-truck with an extended cab; quite the to do when it arrived in 1977. King Cab, no less. The full story is here.

CC 221 095 950

It may have been called King Cab, but compared to the Chevy Spark behind it, it hardly looks regal. Commoner Cab.