CC Outtake: We’re Running Late; Better Take The Enzo

Ferrari Enzo fq

CC Reader Rose just sent me this shot of a Ferrari Enzo that she watched pull up, parallel park, and then wait patiently while its driver and passenger went in the restaurant for lunch. Where is one relatively more likely to encounter one of 401 Enzos ever made? In Carmel by the Sea, natch. Enzos typically trade north of one million dollars. One hopes that Land Cruiser can get out of its parking spot without having to back up…Whoa; I didn’t see anything back there behind me...

Ferrari Enzo r

The Enzo was built starting in 2002, using technology from Ferarri’s then-successful F1 program. The body design was by Ken Okuyama, formely Pininfarina’s head designer.  The 6.0 L V12 is rated at 660 hp @7800 rpm, numbers that seem rather tame already. Nevertheless, if one is running late for a lunch date i n Carmel, it’s still a very effective tool for getting one there as fast as possible.