CC Outtake: In Eugene, Curbside Classics Come To You

My next-door neighbor is adding a second story to her house; and the the masons who have raised her chimney are both driving Curbside Classics. That’s hardly unusual, but that little Toyota with the dually rear axle did catch my eye. Opportunity strikes anywhere, even at your own curb, so let’s give them their fifteen minutes of fame.

The little Toyota is a ’78, and its owner says it routinely hauls a ton, or more. And if you’re wondering about that long rear overhang, there’s a reason.

This was once an RV, a Dolphin, I think he said. The crude roof patch confirms it, as if that was necessary. But it’s nice to see an old RV have a useful second life. The odds of that improve, if it was a Toyota. These old pickups are made for the long haul; there’s quite a few of this vintage still hard at work hereabouts.

The F-150 is a ’77, with a 351. Looks like it has a bit of life in it yet too. It looks positively youthful compared to my ’66.