CC Outtake: Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher Still Delivering Mail

CC 240 008 1200

We looked at the USPS LLV the other day, but its predecessor, the Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher, also qualifies as a long life vehicle, as this one proves.

Although last built in 1984, I still see a few being used by USPS Contract Carriers on rural routes. I couldn’t see the front end (it was too fast for me to catch), so I can’t make any assumptions as to which of numerous engines (3.8 L AMC six; GM and AMC 2.5 L four) used in them this one likely had, but it’s probably a safe assumption it’s not the AMC/Audi 2.0 L OHC four used for a couple of years (1979-1981).

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