CC Outtake: Jeepster Commando – Nikki Likes It Better Than Commands

CC 239 278 1200

Lil’ Man’s sister Nikki has come to live with us; she was rescued from a very ugly situation after her owner died. She was pretty much totally untrained, having been chained to a barrel and fed junk food. But she’s come a long way, has slimmed down and is learning her commands well, especially “sit”. Yesterday, we went for a training/shooting walk in the neighborhood, and when I came to this Jeepster and stopped to shoot it, I commanded “sit”. She did, but not next to me; she walked over to the Jeep and sat down. Maybe she’s trying to tell me something.

CC 239 270 1200

That she likes Commandos better than commands? Or that she has a natural affinity to these? It’s kind of ironic, as pit bulls are often bought for protection by those involved in illicit activities. And way back in the early seventies in Iowa City, one of the bigger drug dealers drove a white Commando just like this, although he had a German Shepherd. Pits hadn’t yet come into favor for that role.

CC 239 285 1200

This Jeepster has seen a bit of use in its long life. These first arrived in 1966 (Full story here). It was a response to the 1963 Scout and the Bronco, which also arrived in 1966. The Jeepster sat on the longer 101″ wheelbase chassis of the CJ6, and except for the new body, was all Jeep underneath.

CC 239 286 1200

I suppose this would be a good choice to have two dogs in the back seat. Maybe that was Nikki’s point: “Grandpa; you need one of these“. Just the thing to add to my already questionable image in the neighborhood; I like to keep people guessing.

CC 239 274 1200

Given the lack of any apparent V6 badges, I’m going to assume this has (or had) the Hurricane F-head four, based on the original Willys flathead four. I’ve always wanted to have an F-head engine, just for the oddity of it.

CC 239 272 1200

I rather could see myself behind the wheel of this, although the harsh ride and noise might relegate it to short trips.

CC 239 291

Maybe just the thing for me and the dogs to show up with to collect some late rent.