CC Outtake: Last Official Mopar Brougham – 1993 Dodge Dynasty

Well, today’s ’92 Fifth Avenue post got me thinking. Yes, the Fifth Avenue and New Yorker were the last Chryslers of the Great Brougham Epoch, but they weren’t actually labeled as a Brougham. So what was?

It was the 1992-93 Dodge Dynasty Brougham. While not a strict model designation (it basically consisted of the landau vinyl roof on the top-trim Dynasty LE), it was truly the very last Mopar to have the Mark of Brougham Excellence on it. The 1993 LH cars would end Chrysler Corporation’s Great Brougham Epoch, but the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham would carry on the tradition through the 1996 model year (I have to do a CC on one of those soon…).