CC Outtake: Maserati BiTurbo – Slammed In The Weeds

[ED: How about this? Less than a month after I found a rare Biturbo Spyder, Lee managed to find another one down in Texas, though a little worse for the wear. Great find!]

Can’t really say I ever knew much about this little Maserati.  Had heard that they really looked sweet when they were slammed, and in the weeds.  Being of the generation now normally referred to as Geezers I wear my ignorance of what this means with some pride.  Today, however, while driving in a rural area, I spotted one of these that was slammed and in the weeds.  My innocence is lost.  Hit the break to lose yours.

This majestic sports car, a Maserati BiTurbo is indeed slammed and it is in the weeds and I am grateful that my education has been extended.  If I understand this correctly, it only needs 20’s (whatever that means) to finish it.

Unlike the Dodge panel van that is rusting away beside it, there is no for sale sign on the Maserati.  There is the obligatory Fraternal Order of Police for those times the Highway Patrol manages to catch up.  One can see at a glance that the owner recognizes quality and has no intention of parting with it.  There are blue collar vehicles in the neighborhood as well.  Nothing, however, that is this slammed or as far into the weeds.