CC Outtake: Michael Freeman’s Dream Car? Land Rover Defender 110 Tdi – Ready For Adventure

Don’t quite know how this “modern” Land Rover ended up here, but then there’s a few other “alien” cars about that seem to have slid in under the radar. It’s a fairly recent Defender series lwb Landy, with the 2.5L Tdi engine that was never offered here, but is certainly the desirable powerplant of choice for this kind of rig ready to take on the world. And this one is, with even a little “kitchen” aboard.

A little two-burner stove and sink are mounted along one side of the Landy’s extended rear body.

The 2.5 L direct-injected turbo-diesel four made some 107 hp, and churned out 195 lb.ft. of torque. Because of its profoundly greater efficiency, it took the majority of sales, except in the US, where only the gas V8 was offered in the Defender.

Love that rack and the ladder to get to it. Eat your heart out, Michael!