CC Outtake: Mini On The Go – And What Does It Share In Common With My Car?

CC 218 103 950

Minis aren’t exactly a common sight here in Curbsidelandia, so this one caught my eye in traffic the other day. My xB is a giant compared to it (as I’ll show you after the jump), but it does share one feature in common.

CC 218 105 950

I found myself behind it a bit further on, and its smoky exhaust was a reminder of the sort-of good-old days. Now if I hadn’t already followed a Mini before to shoot for a CC, I would have stalked this one. No need today.

CC 26 044

Here’s one result of that previous Mini encounter, which I just realized happened within blocks of the recent one. Odd. The other result is the CC I wrote on it. Ironically, the guy driving that white Mini was at least as tall or taller than me. Which is of course one of the main reasons I bought the xB: headroom.

Mini CC here