CC Outtake: Narrow Track, Little Wheels, Hopefully Light Weight

Shortly after I shot the big-wheeled wide-track military truck (previous post), I saw this in traffic. What caught my eye is the single skinny little wheel and tire under this extended-wheelbase Toyota flatbed. These can haul a pretty good load; it’s the same chassis as was popular at one time under a number of Class C motorhomes. Actually, Toyota pulled the plug on that chassis because the rear axle was being overloaded by the owners of those motorhomes, and there were more than a few failures. Toyota can’t have that. Anyway, this one seems have reverted to singlies, and mighty modest ones. It’s a refreshing contrast to all the poseur jacked-up pickups around, but I’m hoping it doesn’t haul very heavy loads.

(Update: looking at those wheels, it’s obvious that they’re five-luggers, and not the heavy-duty wheels that came on the factory HD long-wheelbase chassis. So this likely a lengthened pickup, but it could well have been the one-tonner, which did use wheels like that.)