CC Outtake: Now That’s A Serious Roof Rack

CC 195 003 900

I do like me a nice roof rack. I have a couple of Yakima bars on my Xb to which I strap all sorts of long things at the building supply store, including moderate amounts of lumber and pipes and such (I save ye olde F-100 for when I really need it). So when I spied this bright yellow platform on top of a Type II, the camera was dutifully employed to share it with one and all. Nice.

CC 195 005 900

The gen-one VW Bus was once crowned the official vehicle of Eugene, but has since been usurped by such pesky upstarts as the Volvo 140s, MBZ W123, Prius and Corolla, all of which are duking it out for the crown (and the W124 is threatening to shoehorn into the finalist camp). But there are still a few of the deposed royalty about, and in front-line duty no less. The day  they’re all gone will mark the end of an era.

 CC 195 004 900