CC Outtake: Old Toyotas Snuggling Up

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Yes, Eugene is old Toyota heaven, where freeway-weary veterans from California come to live a slower-paced life, thus prolonging it almost infinitely (or so we’d like to think, for ourselves and the Toyotas). Of course, I don’t know for sure they’re really from California, but the odds are good (and that applies to Eugenians too).

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These two make fine representatives of some of the tougher stuff coming out of Toyota City at the time: a RWD Corolla wagon and a Land Cruiser. They’re both from about the same time, the early-mid eighties, a time when Californians were paying healthy premiums just to be able to buy one, thanks to the Voluntary Export Restraints at the time, which had the (presumably unintended) effect of filling the Japanese manufacturers’ coffers with huge profits. Which in turn were used to subsidize expensive conquest projects like the Lexus LS 400 and such. FWIW, Detroit also banked big profits as a result of the run up in prices. Oh well; I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time to someone other than the consumer.