CC Outtake: Oldsmobile Firenza – Could This Be The Nicest One Left?

Let’s keep the GM Week orgy going just a wee bit longer. Yesterday, during a quick bike ride downtown to the City Building Permit Center, what do I spot but a very clean Olds Firenza. Actually, it’s not my first, but I never got to the other one–maybe another day. Anyway, after shooting the rear view I noticed a Mom and her two babies inside, so a full set of shots was not in the cards. But she did, somewhat grudgingly, tell me a bit about the Firenza and allowed me one more shot.

I did say grudgingly, right? Turns out she bought the Firenza (with 88,000 miles on the odo) from the original owners just a month ago. Good catch! Another pampered old(s)lady-mobile comes out of the garage to join the fleet of daily driver Curbside Classics here. Good thing, because others are dropping out. Keep scouring those old folks’ garages!