CC Outtake: On Your Mark…

Well, my uncle has found yet another Curbside Classic–this time, a luxurious Continental Mark V. He was especially taken with this car because my grandfather had a midnight blue 1977 Mark V. It looked just like this ’79 Collector’s Series, but had the chrome forged aluminum wheels, navy blue leather (instead of the velour on this one) and the trademark oval opera windows. When he bought a new 1987 Continental, he was going to give the Mark V to to my uncle. He was very excited, since he loved that car. It was quite a contrast to his silver Subaru GL wagon!

His happiness, however, was short lived; he soon realized there was no way the Mark was going to fit in the garage of his house in Iowa City. He even measured it, hoping his eyes were deceiving him. No dice–at least three feet of the rear deck would have stuck out, so the Mark was traded in.

He recently spotted a similar Mark V in town. These Lincolns were really well built, and mostly taken good care of by well-to-do owners, so there are many survivors even here in the Midwest. This one is awfully nice, and looks to be sharing space with another Curbside Classic, a 1975-79 GM X-body. The wheels suggest it’s a Nova, but that center wind split in the hood leads me to believe it’s a 1977-79 Pontiac Phoenix. What do you think?