Trackside Outtake: Please Be Gentle With Me

Some of us apparently haven’t seen this admonition on certain rail cars before (I’m looking at you, Stephanie), because some of us thought it was pretty darn funny. Yes, there are folks with fetishes for large vehicles, but I’ve never heard of one involving a light rail car, but then nothing surprises me anymore. Anyway, what it means, Stephanie, is that this is a delicate load, and should not be taken over “the hump” in an automated switching yard, as it can get a bit rough when one rail car hooks up with the next one there.

Speaking of hump signs, Eugene loves speed bumps, and at one point a couple of years ago the city decided to put up warning signs. Their choice of wording had an unintended consequence:

Come on, Public Works Department; this is a University town! They were all gone within weeks, adorning bedrooms all around the campus area. They quickly switched to Speed Bump. Your tax dollars at work…

Changing the name of High Street, which runs just a few blocks west of the campus, might save us poor beleaguered property tax payers some coin over the long run. Actually, the city has just stopped replacing them in the past few years. How about using some special fasteners that can’t readily be removed? I guess in this day of google maps and nav systems, street signs are pretty much obsolete anyway.