CC Outtake: Overloaded, Once Again – Memorial Day Weekend Edition

CC 227 014 1200

It’s not the first time I’ve shared my endless abuse of my long-suffering ’66 F100. The last time, I estimated that my load was some 3,000 – 3,600 lbs, or about 2,200 lbs over my truck’s  1200 lb nominal rating. This time, it was a pallet (plus more) of freshly cut, very moist sod. Weight? beats me, but like so many other times, the rear springs had no work to do on the ride home.

CC 227 016 1200

Rear suspension is strictly by rubber block, as well as the flex in the tires; the springs are just keeping the axle in place. Speaking of, I’d say they’re about ready for replacement, given the checking between the treads. They’re about….17, 18 years old. And only the second set I’ve ever put on it in the 27 years I’ve owned it.

The 240 six is telling me it would like a tune up; it’s stuttering a bit under a heavy load above about 2800 rpm or so (easy enough to avoid, as I rarely exceed that). Well, it has been about a decade since the last one. I know I’m going to jinx it by saying this, but my truck has needed absolutely nothing in the past 8-9 years, except a battery. Always starts right up, even during our crazy arctic cold this winter. If it’s lucky, it gets an annual summer-time oil change and chassis lube. That’s it. If it ain’t broke, I don’t fix it. I’m going to regret this…

CC 227 015 1200

By the way, that sod is not for our house. I’ve spent the last twenty years digging ours out, bit by little bit, as Stephanie’s amazing cottage garden slowly expanded; wall-to-wall flowers this time of year.

Eugene 1993 001

When we moved here, it was wall-to-wall lawn. Now there’s none left in the front and side yard, and only a little patch in back. Lots of work… This sod is for one of my rental cottages that I’ve been doing a complete renovation on, and this is the finishing touch.

We never go away for Memorial Day Weekend; the weather is never really good, and there’s too many folks in the woods and at the beaches (strictly in relative terms). It’s our big gardening weekend; time to plant the summer vegetable crops. How do you spend it?