CC Outtake: Rainy Day GMs From 1990

I was driving through downtown Moline this afternoon when a pristine, gunmetal gray circa-1990 Chevrolet Cavalier passed me. SInce most every pre-1995 Cavalier around here is pretty rusty, this was a startling find. Let’s face it, most Cavaliers got the bark beat off them years ago.

I managed to get off one shot as the light turned green. As I did, I couldn’t help but notice the Regal sedan of similar vintage right behind it (for you Regal fanciers, the CC on a ’96 model can be found here). It was almost like 1990 again; back then, my best friend’s mom had an otherwise identical navy blue Cavalier. I was hoping to get a couple more pictures, but unfortunately the Cavalier got away before I had the chance. Hopefully I’ll catch up with it again one of these days: The only 1990 model, rust-free Cavalier in the Quad Cities.