Curbside Classic Capsule: 1975 Buick LeSabre Convertible – Own The Last Of Its Kind For 50¢/Lb

Here’s your chance to own the last of the big American RWD open-top barges, all for a mere 50 cents per pound. Nineteen seventy-five was the final year for all of GM’s big, rear-wheel drive ragtops; the front-wheel drive Eldorado got a one-year reprieve. Yes, convertibles did reappear in the ’80s, but mostly as shadows of their former selves. This is the real deal, the long-extinct Convertibulus Americanii Giganticus

But no, this one isn’t the Jayne Mansfield of cars, even though it’s bigger than that one was. Perhaps the Pamela Anderson of cars? Or maybe….hey, I need a bit of inspiration and help naming this big momma. “LeSabre Custom” just ain’t enough to do it justice. So help me out here.

I like white vinyl upholstery almost as much as Tom Klockau does, but this isn’t getting me nearly as excited as the ’64 Spyder’s white buckets. This car’s dingy cabin, like all GM interiors of the day, couldn’t approach the quality of what GM offered just 10 years earlier.

Let’s just say there’s not much dash in this dash. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that.

Under the hood, for instance. That’s the big-boy 455 in there. Now that will bring back that good old-time feeling, at least until you pull up to the pump. Interested? Give Bob a call. This car was sitting out there off Hwy 58 just last Sunday. Of course, it did rain a bit on Monday morning; I wonder Bob remembered to raise the top; if not, I doubt it was the first time.

Looks like Bob is liquidating his fleet of vintage GM iron. Is the ‘Camino also a ’75? Maybe Bob struck it rich that year–bought the Buick for the wifey, and the ElCamino for himself. Or maybe he owned lots of Exxon stock; who else was buying 455 Buicks one year after the energy crisis?

Buick sure got a lot more mileage out of those wheels than from the 455. For how many decades were they available? They always made every Buick look a bit classier, and this one needs all the help it can get.

There it is, eager to hit the open road. You know you want it. Better hurry though, because convertible season won’t last much longer. Driving this around in the dreary winter rain won’t be any fun at all. Maybe that’s why it’s for sale: Bob just couldn’t face the thought of having to put the top up again.