CC Outtake: Ready For The Flood

Ok, it did stop raining for two days, but now it’s back. And it was raining the day I shot this last week. And somehow, instead of a sunny lake in summer, this scene made me think that someone is ready just in case. Leave it to a Volvo 245 driver to be prepared.

Someone asked the other day when I would get around to doing a Volvo 240 CC. I feel intimidated at the thought, so I just keep doing brick Outtakes, sort of dancing around the issue. The 240 is the official CC of Eugene, so Iguess eventually, I’ll have to buck up and really do it, but it is a bit intimidating. So here’s my way of putting it off a bit further. And no, the outboard motor wasn’t a Volvo; I think Volvo only did I/O marine engines, but I could be wrong.

And BTW, to the best of my knowledge, the record for consecutive days of measurable precipitation here is 31 days in a row.