CC Outtake: REO Crane Truck and Ford F600


10 600 REO hood

These two trucks, a REO and a Ford, were sitting on the same field near the Civil War battlefield of Chickamauga as the rusty Triumph TR7 coupe described in the previous post today.


11 600 REO full view

The REO is a crane truck, as seen in this three quarter view.  I am not familiar with REO and its trucks, aside from the Ransom Eli Olds foundation story and the band REO Speedwagon using the name of an REO truck for some reason, so perhaps someone else who knows these vehicles can identify it. (ED: Here’s a CC and company history on Reo trucks)

12 600 crane

The crane assembly is labeled “Bucyrus Erie Hydrocrane,” with the label surviving the ravages of time much better than the crane itself.

8 600 Ford closeup

The Ford F600 is a dump truck with as much surface rust as the REO.  Although rusty, both trucks appear to be 100 percent complete, with intact glass, lights, trim, etc.  They may have been sitting and weathering for a long time, but they appear to have been cared for once, and there may be useful life remaining in them.