Photo Album Outtakes: 1970s Carspotting Edition


I’ll complete my photo album scanning project with a selection of more recent pictures taken during the 1970s, mostly by my Mom. She loved early American homes and decorating and was a very skilled floral arranger. Mom was obviously taking photos of the houses, but by happy accident (and to the delight of our readers, I’m sure), a number of CCs were captured on film as well. I’d have to title this photo “The Odd Couple.”


Here’s a pair of 1962 compacts from two of the “leading brands.”

I believe that “fishbowl windshield” bus may have been waiting on Paul.

Looks like we have all Big Three represented here. Can anyone ID the white car from the bumper poking into the right corner? Looks foreign to my eye.

I almost didn’t put this photo in, but in all honesty, the Beetle was still one of the best-selling cars on the market, selling well over a million cars annually (global production) up through 1973.

I distinctly remember taking this wonderfully-composed photograph myself, probably of the fountain out in the distance (hey, I was only twelve!). Looks like I caught some heavy iron in-frame, too.

So, fellow CC-ers: let’s see how many of these you can ID in the comments!