CC Outtake: Sibling Rivalry

I’ve been looking for a genuine CC MGA for years. There’s a few in town that meet that criteria, and come out to play in the summer, but I can never seem to find one at rest, which I suppose is a good thing. I saw this new prospect in traffic ahead of me, and thought I’d follow for a while. And then I see an orange MGB further ahead. And sure enough, they finally pull up side-by-side, as the B gets ready to make a right turn. In that brief moment, the two drivers naturally check each others rides out.  Which would you prefer?

I followed the A a bit further, to get a side view. Wires, check. And just a bit rough enough to make it look like it was suddenly 1962 or so.  I gave thought to a genuine pursuit, but I had (way too many) things to do. Another time. Needless to say, my heart always beats a bit faster at the sight of an A, as I have happy memories of riding on summer days in my brother’s MGA. Oh, what a feeling…

Given that my brother got his MGA in 1968, it’s only appropriate that my camera decided to make one of the shots period-correct. How obliging!