CC Outtake: Small Hondas Are Bigger These Days…

Comparisons like these have been done on CC in the past, but it does bear repeating. And what better way to show it than with a first generation Accord and current Fit?

I’m sure the Fit gets better mileage, has more interior room, and all in all is a better daily driver than the Accord next to it, but I don’t care. I like the vintage one!

These pictures were posted to the Cohort by Guest Writer and frequent commenter, Chris Green. This classic Accord sedan, looking very nice in dark red, is his car. He drove it to the grocery store a while back, and when he came out, the Fit was parked next to it. Naturally, he had to get a couple of photos.

It, along with his 1976 Monte Carlo, represent a pretty good cross section of car choices for the US consumer in the late Seventies. What a nice Accord! These have been extinct in NW Illinois since about 1991.