Curbside Custom: Not Your Grandfather’s Buick


Lily and the dogs and I went to Seaside for her birthday yesterday, in spite of the clouds and rain. (The Pacific Coast is pretty great on a stormy day.) I’m walking down the street minding my own business when this hits me in the face. WTF?

I had to stop and get a few cellphone snaps. Sorry for the crummy quality, but I can’t go another minute without sharing them with you. We’ve all seen PT Cruisers with fake wood on the sides and “classic” grilles. But this Chevy HHR goes far beyond.

Its target is quite specific, the 1953 Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon. A grand and glorious finale to the wood-bodied luxury station wagon. At 208″ it’s nearly three feet longer than the HHR.

I got to wondering if that HHR’s Buicky grille was a one-off or off some bizarre shelf somewhere. Turns out it was neither.

California Customs, an outfit that’s no longer in business, sold these as kits or complete vehicles.

Yikes. Surely you all have some thoughts on this, I’m speechless.