CC Outtake: So When Will The Last New Cadillac With A Vinyl Top Be Made?

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OK; I don’t mean from the factory, but when will the last dealer-installed vinyl-topped new Caddy be made? Seeing this STS on the streets of Eugene made me wonder, but since it’s not exactly new I decided to do a bit of research:

Cadillac 2013 XTS vinyl top

Someone (That Hartford Guy) has already found a 2013 XTS with a vinyl top. Ok; the XTS does skew a bit to the older demographic. How about the CTS?

Cadillac 2013 CTS coupe vinyl top

Bingo. A CTS Coupe with vinyl top,as well as whitewall tires.  I couldn’t come up with an ATS, yet.

cadillac 2014 ELR

But the real test will be if if anyone makes a kit for the plug-in gas-electric 2014 ELR. Photoshop, anyone?