CC Outtake: Someone Is About To Have Their Triumph TR7 Forcibly Removed

CC 234 059 1200

Folks have often expressed surprise about some of the cars I’ve shown here in Eugene that have obviously been parked in the same spot on the street for years, if not decades. Seriously, I know of one old Ford truck that’s been in the same spot curbside since we moved here in 1993, with a ring of grass growing around it in the asphalt. But from the tell-tale orange sticker on the window of the TR7, it’s about to get towed off if the owner doesn’t move it first. Why?

CC 234 060 1200

It’s all about the neighbors. Eugene code says that a vehicle may not be “stored” on the street in excess of 72 hours. But enforcement, like pretty much all code violations that don’t involve direct safety or such, is purely based in response to a complaint. Which means one of the neighbors of this TR7 got tired of seeing it there. Maybe it was the seat in front of it, or?? Could be anything. Maybe they don’t like the landscaping.

Triumpph TR7 coupe

This TR7 is a pretty rare sight anymore. In fact, now that I think of it, I’ve been wanting to shoot a TR7 coupe since starting CC, but have struck out so far. Ironically, it was the fact that the “Drop Head Coupe” (DHC) didn’t come along until 1979, four years after the “Fixed Head Coupe” (FHC) that pretty much sealed the failure of the TR7, which was supposed to replace the evergreen MGB. That was truly a colossal mistake.

BL triumph-tr7

I can’t do its whole (sob)story  here now, but I’ll give you some CC links below. And I’ll also share my favorite TR7 publicity shot. But don’t let that distract you; although I suspect that was possibly the point: The wedge-shaped TR7 coupe was widely berated for its clumsy lines and proportions. Anything to take your eyes away from it could only help, even in a publicity shot.

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