CC Outtake: Spot The K-Car

Back in 2003, I was somewhat involved in the construction of the new home office for the insurance company my dad worked at. As a result, quite a few photos were taken of the process. As this was only nine years ago I didn’t think there’d be all that many Curbside Classics in the background, but the shot shown here bore some 1990s fruit.

I noticed that teal Plymouth Acclaim immediately. This was a really popular color on Mopars in the early to mid ’90s, seen on everything from LeBaron convertibles to Caravans.

The second thing I noticed were the trucks. Look, they are not jacked up three feet in the air like new ones. How about that? Those 1992-96 F150s used to be EVERYWHERE around here.

But back to the Acclaim. These were cars that you didn’t even notice were gone. I hadn’t thought about them in years, but last March I spotted one in traffic and managed to get a picture. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it was a “gold package” version with whitewalls, alloy wheels and a chrome luggage rack. It was in really nice shape. When it turned into a Wonder Bread outlet store, I kept on going. I should have stopped, because I haven’t seen one since. Daily driver Plymouths are getting pretty scarce these days…