Cohort Sighting II: Peugeot 504 Cabriolet – Timeless Elegance Thanks To Pininfarina

Lunch can wait; but this superbly elegant Peugeot 504 Cabriolet can’t. Shot in Toulouse, France by coopey, he has this to say about it:

Quite a surprising spot, which had been in my unicorn objective list for many years. It was parked beside the university so whether the owner is a teacher or a student his or her taste was utterly appropriate for this environment. Besides, it adds the pinch of retro-class the old town boundaries need giving the current renewing because of the streetcar.

The car looked tidy enough to ensure it’ll still last a long time. Superb Italian design, which shone more on these earlier ’70s units before the restyling. I presume there can’t be many more in that city.

The Pininfarina-designed Peugeot cabriolets and coupes had a tradition of melding the sedan’s comfort and robustness with refined design and excellent workmanship to make a comfortable touring car, in the vein of the Mercedes SLs of yore. This is from the first series (1970 – 1974), but those distinctive alloy wheels are not stock. They’re a design that I think first showed up on the Lamborghini Marzal prototype (I could be wrong), and were used on some other exotics. Maybe someone will fill us in, because now I really do need to eat. Tasty car!