CC Outtake: Starlight – And A Note About CC Pictures (Updated)

Since trains are on the brains: took our regular urban hike up to Skinner Butte (in background) last night, where we were treated to a truly psychedelic sunset. And from the top, I saw the southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight roll into the station directly below, about four hours late. It actually has been much better in terms of running on time the last couple of years, but not yesterday. And when we came down Pearl Street, it just took off:

, behind this fine old T-Bird. Without a flash, my pocket camera’s shots were mostly blurred, but this one came out.

And speaking of pictures, we’ve made some changes in our file management to accommodate larger format images, up to 1200 pixels width from our previous 800 pixels max. By reducing a bit of resolution, we can still keep our files from getting too large, and I doubt anyone will notice that anyway. So feel free to click on any image you’d like to see in a larger format. Not all of them will warrant that, but it’ll encourage us to shoot for better quality pictures. And since we had some glitches when it first ran, Laurence Jones’ superb shots of the ’57 Plymouth Fury are now all clickable for full-sized viewing. They’re worth a second look.