CC Outtake: Supremely Wet Nose

Somewhere here recently we got into a discussion about old garages being too short for the “modern” cars of the late fifties and sixties. This fine CC ’67 Cutlass Supreme four door spends its days (years) in this Model A-sized garage, with its nose getting perpetually rained upon. It’s on one of those dug-out affairs, built into a sloping lot, with the garage opening right at the sidewalk, so there’s no way to extend it. Need to get a shorter car…noooo!

I need to coax this mole out of its hole one of these days, as it would make such a fine addition to our CCCCC. BTW, for you more recent readers, that acronym stands for the Curbside Classics Complete Cutlass Chronicles; here’s a new home page for all thirteen chapters. Check them out; nothing like it available anywhere. Now we need to get to that other epic task, the CC Complete Guide to the Great Brougham Epoch (“CCCGGBE”). Next winter, hopefully.