CC Outtake: Testagrigia?

2014-08-20 10.53.27

I remarked in a post a while ago that Bloomington is home to a surprising number of BMW E30 convertibles and though I only managed to snag pictures two of them in that piece, they’re still busy burbling around town.  I see at least two red, black, or white examples daily, and this grey one was finally generous enough to pose for the camera while resting.  I’m happy it did, too, because it’s an especially amusing piece with its ground effects package which calls to mind another, albeit less attainable, ’80s dream, the Ferrari Testarossa–radical!

2014-08-20 10.53.08

Yes, just in case an E30 convertible wasn’t prestigious enough for life in post-Black Monday America, the aftermarket could outfit your $29,000 car to mimic a $135,000 Ferrari.  Luckily, even in automatic, topless form, the E30 had the moves to entertain its driver just as much in daily use (possibly even more).  When he caught me taking pictures, the owner of this car, one of the first BMW-certified mechanics in the Midwest, told me just how much he appreciates still appreciates it after fifteen years of ownership.  And I get it; E30s in 325i form like our featured car (finished in what I am told is Lachsilber) are some of the most fun everyday cars, even as basket cases.

2014-08-20 10.54.17

He also told me that he has a garage full of about forty classics and handed over his business card.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what turns up…