CC Outtake: Whoa, A SportCross!

6-27 & 6-29-2014 007

Here’s a Future CC you will likely never see–the wonderful but totally disregarded when new Lexus IS300 SportCross. When they debuted, I blasted into the local Lexus showroom and questioned my favorite Lexus saleslady, MaryAnn, for details. I got the brochures, I got the specs, and I thought Wow! What a car. But the market disagreed, and the SportCross is sadly forgotten today. But I loved the lines, and am pretty darn mad that such a great car was totally ignored, while folks bought stupid ugly crossovers like the CR-V instead of this fine Super Sports Wagon! But what a lovely wagon. Seeing this one about five minutes before a major storm that trapped me in the local Books-A-Million made my day.