CC Outtake: The All-American Civic And I Wish You A Fun-Filled Independence Day Weekend

CC 174 071 1200

Well, it was built in Maryslville, Ohio, so it gets to wear the stars and stripes. And it is very civic-minded. And it’s the only flag-painted car I have readily at hand. Speaking of hands:

CC 174 070 1200

My hands are going to be very busy painting, fixing and cleaning one of my rentals. When three young guys live in a house for four years, it does take some doing to get it back in spic-span shape. Not really complaining; it’s just the life of a landlord: collect rent all year, and work your butt off for a few weeks in the summer. But that means our fresh content level is going to be a bit sparse over the weekend.

But here’s to wishing you all a happy 4th of July weekend, and hoping you spend yours a bit more pleasantly than I will. Got any plans?