CC Outtake: The Bee That Got Away

I’ve been collecting a nice little stash of Datsun  B210 shots for a future CC: two hatchbacks, a couple of two-door sedans. There’s about half a dozen still plying the streets here, if you can believe it. But I’d almost forgotten that they even sold the four door sedan here; it was never a common sight even when new.

And there we are walking around the corner to the library, when this four door comes along, and I’m thinking: Wow; never seen that before, and he’s going to park in that one open spot by the front door. We hurry along, come around the corner just to see the passenger get out and the driver pull off. I ask her, is he parking nearby? “No; he’s coming back for me later”. And they’ve owned it since it was new, no less. Who drives a B210 for thirty-five years? I guess I’ll never know.

No; I’m bound to run into them again; eventually.