CC Outtake: The CC Effect – It Still Works!

Earlier this week we were discussing pink cars. While the majority of CC Corps sightings were, unsurprisingly, Mary Kay Cadillacs, one interesting 2013 model can be had in a pink finish from the factory: The Chevy Spark. I knew of the Spark, of course, and even sat in one at the Chicago Auto Show last February, but had no idea that pink was on the available color palette. Thanks to Carmine, LAx and others, I found out otherwise.

Said post went up on Tuesday. So guess what I saw Thursday morning on the way to work? You guessed it, a Techno Pink Spark. The color is more subtle than you might think, almost passing for silver in the early morning light. Certainly not a neon hue. The funny thing is my brother’s girlfriend is thinking about getting a Spark in the near future. Certainly, their 40 mpg on the highway is nothing to sneeze at. I wonder what she’d think about one in this color?

It’s nice to see these micro-Chevys come in real colors: bright red-orange, bright green, denim blue and yellow. I see far too many silver and gray cars these days…