CCOTY: More Nominations

The ’65 Mustang was a seminal car for many reasons.  But 1965 was an uncommonly rich year for new designs, and not everyone bought (or wanted) a Mustang.  With CCers being the varied (and sometimes contrary) lot that we are, there are surely some other nominations.  Like the 1965 Pontiac?  Motor Trend Magazine thought so, as the entire 1965 Pontiac line won its Car of the Year award.

Lovers of big American cars have their pick here.  The new Impala was a very nice car as well.  The 1965 GM lineup of new full sized cars was certainly  important.

Paul Niedermeyer made the case for the importance of the 1965 LTD some time back (here).

Mopar fans could celebrate Chrysler getting sober and finally entering the realm of attractive, mainstream cars with the new C body cars, including the final Letter Series 300, the 300L.

In perhaps a surprising turn, I will not be nominating a Studebaker for the running.  The 1965 models were trim jobs of the final attractive ’64, except for the Chevrolet engines.  Thinking about it, this may have been the first decent Stude six in several years.  Had they employed the 327, the Canadian Stude might give me something to think about, eh?  But with only the 283, well, no thanks.

Anyone who has votes for or against any of today’s nominations, or if you have anything to nominate in addition, well now is the time.