CC Outtake: The CC House

CC 274 001 1200

This house on a corner is one of the funkier houses in my general neighborhood (which is very un-homogenic), and it is a magnet for CCs. there’s no less than six out front lately; four on this side and two on the other street-side. Let’s take a look…

CC 274 002 1200

First generation Camrys are still a fairly common sight in Eugene. Unlike GM’s X cars, Toyota made the switch to its new generation mid-sized FWD cars without any hitches. And they keep on ‘a running.

CC 274 003 1200

This Chevy S10 is roughly the same vintage,given its “2.8 V6” badge.

CC 274 005 1200

There’s something odd going on with how that camper shell overlaps the cab. And lots of caulk…

CC 274 007 1200

Another Camry, from the third generation sold in the US. And a coupe; this is the only generation that had both a coupe and a wagon in the line-up.

CC 274 008 1200

I don’t think that’s a V6 badger on the right side of the trunk. If it was a V6, the spoiler would be just a wee bet less silly.

CC 274 010 1200

A gen1 Neon. These are getting a bit scarce on the ground hereabouts. And the ones that are still around invariably have peeling clear coat.

CC 274 012 1200

Aha! These folks go in for cars with spoilers.

CC 274 013 1200

Around the corner are two more; both pretty rare. The red gen2 Camry is in front of the next house down.

CC 274 014 1200

This is a Plymouth version of a D50 mini-pickup; built by Mitsubishi, of course.

CC 274 015 1200

Last, but hardly least, is this 1970 Mercury Montego MX Brougham. It’s been here a while, and I wrote it up already here. They like Camrys, spoilers and mini-pickups. Any other themes I’m missing?