CC Outtake: The Changing Shape Of Cars – What $17,500 Bought Then And Now

CC 133 092 1200

I was looking at these two rather dissimilar cars trying to find some common ground. Hmmm…Four wheels…Steering wheel…And then it occurred to me: they were priced about the same. A base 1980 Firebird listed for $5948 ($16k, adjusted). Throw in an automatic and radio, and hitting a $17,500 (adjusted) price comes up pretty quickly. Which is what a new Cube goes for. Let’s see; what else do they have in common…

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Not a whole lot, except for the obvious things all cars share. And if the Firebird came with the base 110hp 231inch Buick V6, there’s no doubt the Cube could walk away from it quite readily. Anything else?