Classic CC Outtake: The Im-Poster Jeep Mail Truck – The Mystery Is Still Not Solved (Update: It Is Now)

(Update: Thanks to CC reader Leon, it’s been identified, as a Model 88 Custom Diesel Dispatcher made by Total Automotive, presumably on a Jeep Dispatcher chassis)

(When this first ran three years ago, no one could explain this vehicle’s provenance. Let’s try again). Now that doesn’t quite look like one of the millions of Jeep Mail Deliver Trucks that once plied our streets. It has the look of a cheap Chinese knock-off. It’s been converted to a one-piece fiberglass flip-up front end, just like a big truck. Easier maintenance, no doubt. Did the USPS have some of these made as part of their fleet? And there’s more mystery inside the cab:   

A very hot-roddy looking B&M shifter for the automatic. Hmmm. Is there some wild engine lurking under that flip up hood?

As if you needed it, here’s the real thing. But I didn’t check the shifter…