CC Outtake: The Last Great American Luxury Car Is Joined By The First Great American SUV

CC 254 077 1200

This 1965 Continental inspired one of my more ambitious CCs, titled ‘The Last Great American Luxury Car’. Almost three years later, it’s still there, looking a bit dustier but no less elegant. And it’s now got a stablemate, and what an auspicious one at that. It’s no stretch to call the contemporary International Travelall ‘The First great American SUV’, inasmuch as it was the first low-profile four-door family-friendly “truck”, available in 4WD. And let’s face it: the current full-sized American SUV is the closest thing there is to a distinctly American luxury vehicle. The torch is being passed here.

CC 254 090 1200

In 1965 the Travelall would never have been considered a luxury vehicle, although the wealthy were not uncommon buyers of trucks like this and the Jeep Wagoneer, even back then when they were lacking any luxury accouterments. Wealthy folks often owned horse farms, ranches and hunting lodges, and the Travelall was a preferred vehicle to keep there and pull the horse trailer. As was the Continental for getting there.

CC 254 085 1200

This Travelall is still hard at work, hauling what appears to be the frame for the type of canopy used at outdoor markets and such.

CC 254 088 1200

It has an automatic, those classic round instruments, and is sporting an IH-branded necker’s knob (or ‘Brodie knob’).

CC 254 078 1200

Given the lack of front wheel drive hubs, this 1100 appears to be a 2WD version, with the torsion bar suspension that appeared with the new C/D-series Travelall in 1961. My CC on a 1965 4WD Travelall is here. This might be a 1965 too, but lacking a grille, it’s a bit hard to pin down. Our resident expert will, though.

CC 254 075 1200

There’s a lot of history sitting at the curb here. And in the driveway, there’s a Camry. Which of course only adds to the overall historical significance of this assemblage.


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