CC Outtake: The Rare Smoky Car

CC 196 105 900

Like with people, smoking among cars has dropped dramatically over the decades. Once upon a time, it was quite common to see tired cars with a tell-tale plume of blue smoke. Now it’s practically a rarity. Of course, sometimes folks made their cars smoke on purpose:

CC 196 145 900

Smoke doesn’t show up very well on a camera, but this is the other smoky car I’ve noticed recently. But both of these are nothing compared to what a guy I knew used to do, when he was growing up in Berkeley in the early sixties.

One of his friends had an old 1948 Chrysler eight, and they rigged up an intake manifold vacuum line into the passenger compartment, where they had a bucket of old motor oil. In the middle of a major intersection, they’d unkink the hose, and drop it into the oil, and rev the motor. Within seconds, the whole intersection would be engulfed in a solid cloud of thick, acrid smoke, and they’d quietly drive off. The good old days.

Seen any smoky cars lately?