CC Outtake: The Well-Insulated Toyota Chinook Camper

CC 88 WM 004 800

The Toyota Chinook pop-up camper had a huge if brief surge of popularity in the mid-late seventies. It was compact, affordable, and readily usable as both a daily driver as well as a camper on the weekends. But apparently, it wasn’t quite well enough insulated for this owner.

CC 51 001 800

Here’s how it looked in its stock condition. The roof popped up, giving reasonable headroom. These had a big following, at least on the West Coast, as a VW Westfalia alternative that was cheaper and undoubtedly more reliable. And there’s still a (dwindling) number of its devoted fans today.

CC 88 WM 002 800

Well, someone wanted one that would be really snug in the winter, and at the expense of the pop top, which had only fabric walls.

CC 88 WM 005 800

I’m assuming it was a proper foam spray gun that did the deed, and not several dozen cans of Good Stuff to make this happen. And of course, it’s topped by a nice silver paint job, to ward of sun-induced foam cancer.

CC 88 WM 007 800

Even the original sliding windows have been replaced by fixed ones. Maybe a trip to the Arctic?

CC 88 WM 008 800