CC Outtake: The Well-Loaded VW Bus

CC 265 002 (2) 1200

On my pre-breakfast walk with the dogs, I came across this VW bus. There was a man standing not too far away, and I said “That’s a well-loaded VW bus”. He gave me a wan smile and said, “‘well-loaded’; yes, I like that”. And then he told me that in his storage unit, he has a picture of a truck in Africa crossing the Sahara that is loaded up beyond belief, with cargo and humans. And I told him that I was familiar with that picture (below). 

africa overloaded passengers --truck_3023038k

This one, which I used in a CC post titled “Overloaded CCs In Africa“. Yes, compared to how vehicle are routinely overloaded in Africa, the VW bus looks positively pampered.

CC 241 110 1200

And it’s not the first time this bus was visiting here, and with a curious load on its tail. I shot it last spring, with this pile of firewood tied to it in a rather odd fashion. I decided it didn’t quite merit a post, but given the more impressive load on it today, it can at least show that this VW’s owner is good with the string and rope.