CC Outtake: These Folks Went For The More Unusual Cars

CC 240 006 1200

Not exactly typical CCs, but I couldn’t help but notice that this was a rather unusual pairing of cars. Both the Volvo C30 and the Scion iQ never caught on very well, although the C30 is a more common sight than the stubby iQ. Could this have been our own alternate-reality driveway? Possibly.

Stephanie was very smitten with the C30, and it was a serious contender last year for her new car. That is, until she realized how compact it really is, and was not going to haul two big dogs unless you like dog breath or drool on the back of your neck.

And the iQ? Well, I know folks like to hate on it, but it really does make a good city scooter; certainly better than the Smart. I run lots of errands around town, and love to zip into small parking spots. But again, the cargo area is way too small; I’ll just keep my xB for another decade or two.