CC Outtake: Three Old Japanese Cars At The Kiva And An American Interloper

CC 224 063 1200

The Kiva is downtown Eugene’s health food store (do they call them that anymore; there’s just about nothing else but that around here anymore). As such, it attracts higher quotient of old Japanese steel than usual, like these three I spotted there the other day. What’s up with all these neo-510s? I shot and posted one just recently, at a shoe store. But that’s not all that was parked there that day, and the fourth car is a decidedly different animal.

CC 224 065 1200

Tow SUVs, from very different molds. And that Trailblazer isn’t juts any old Trailblazer…

CC 224 066 1200

It’s a genuine SS. As in 395 hp LS2. Or almost ten times the Suzuki’s horsepower (slight exaggeration, I know).