CC Outtake: Toyota Hi-Lux In Military Drag – Waiting For The Revolution

CC 239 159 1200

Toyota Hi-Lux pickups have been the favorite vehicle for often unsavory para-military types and insurgents or whatever, but this one has not been imported from Africa. In fact, it was “militarized” right here in Eugene, as I first saw it years ago before the back was finished. But it’s a rather convincing little rig, eh, except of course the lack of four wheel drive. Minor details…

CC 239 161 1200

This is an N20 generation, built from 1973 – 1978. These were massively popular in California, and increasingly so throughout the country during the great mini-truck boom. The 18R and 20R SOHC engines in these quickly achieved legendary status, as being nigh-near bulletproof. There’s quite a few of this generation still plying the streets here, although not on military patrols. We’re a rather pacifist sort of place.

CC 239 160 1200

Of course it is sitting in the Whit, a neighborhood with a long tradition of radical politics, and home to a gaggle of anarchists. Maybe this is here just waiting for the revolution. Well, even if it doesn’t come in a very long time, the Toyota will probably still be running then.