CC Outtake: Toyota Woody Camper – Eugene Encapsulated

CC 248 015 1200

Here’s a classic Eugene street scene a couple of blocks from my house. The old Toyota pickup with a beautifully-built wood camper is perfectly complemented by a Prius and a Jeep. Eugene is eclectic, and revels in its embrace of…diversity. Until diversity becomes the commonplace,. that is.

Enough trying to explain Eugene; let’s take a closer look at this little Toyota woody.

CC 248 016 1200

The Toyota pickup is the official truck of Eugene, and this one is from the fifth generation (1988-1997), of which there are very many represented here, in all states of condition, from pristine to beater. This one swings to the latter side of the spectrum. But who even notices it, given that nicely varnished camper?

CC 248 014 1200

Given that this is a short bed truck, there’s not a whole lot of room inside. But maybe it’s just for hauling things and showing off more than actual living in it.

CC 248 019 1200

I particularly like the roof, and it rear overhang. Reminds me of the old wooden street cars in Innsbruck, and their open vestibules or porches on the ends. That’s what this needs.