CC Outtake: Two Most Iconic Chevy Trucks Ever?

Last week, GM’s global design boss Ed Welburn celebrated Chevy’s 100th birthday with his pick of the ten most iconic Chevy designs ever. I would have come up with a rather different list, and somewhat surprisingly, no less than four of his picks were trucks. The 1935 Suburban is a handsome vehicle, but I think Welburn should have pretty much stayed with post war vehicles. Who could pick out a 1912 Chevy out of a bunch of other 1912 cars? (you and me not included, of course). Way too few folks are familiar with pre-war Chevys to make them iconic. The other three trucks on his list include at least one or more worthy of the status, but three?

I’d agree with his choice on the 1948 Advance Design trucks, my all-time favorite. The 1967 is also a very fine design, but I’d have to think hard about including it in the top ten Chevys. Maybe… But his pick of the 1989 C/K truck was a surprise; I just didn’t see it coming.  I admit that it was a very clean design, and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, until I looked at its rock-hard and ultra-cheap dash. It was the last modern full size truck that made an effort to still have reasonable proportions. Well, it was designed in that down-sizing decade of the eighties.  And it clearly echoes its grandfather next to it. Still…and his choice of the 2010 Camaro over either the ’69 or ’70 seals the deal: he’s nuts.

And I’m going to do a piece on my picks for the ten most iconic Chevys, so let’s talk trucks and keep our powder dry for the big list.