CC Outtake: Two Toronados Gave Up Their Rear Wheels For This Trailer – But Where Did That Suspension Come From?

CC 207 013 800

Our wives and girl friends might understand us shooting old cars, but a crappy utility trailer? This is the kind of thing that makes them question our sanity, and perhaps not without reason. But, yes, this trailer caught my eye, because of the distinctive Toronado wheels on it. Well, they could Eldorado wheels too, but it was just borrowing from the Toronado. Anyway, the really crazy part was that I actually got down on my knees to see if this used the Toronado’s rear wheel suspension too, which was by a pair of simple leaf springs. And I guess I’m glad I did, because it raises a mystery. And I’m also glad Stephanie wasn’t along…what are you doing crawling under that trailer in the street?

CC 207 014 800

Actually, she’s the world’s best sport about my proclivities. But still; a trailer? Well, these Toro/Eldo wheels are unique, and recognizable a block away, for the deep offset and prominent finned drum brakes (Don’t get me started; that’s a bad subject).

CC 207 015 800

Here I am, and no, the rear axle and suspensions are a decidedly different from the Toro’s. A bit too much so…are these torsion bars in those round cylinders, from which the trailing arms connect to the axles. They almost have to be, but so short and squat. Hmmm….

CC 207 016 800

They somehow look familiar. I know someone out there will clue me in. Stephanie is waiting anxiously for an answer….